EZ-RISER makes getting up and down easy for everyone

Support for a variety of activities and hobbies

Support for a variety of activities and hobbies

The EZ-RISER is perfect for both the home and garden. It allows you to get up and down with ease, whether you are getting things out of lower shelves, petting the dog or cat or getting up and down in the garden.

You will never need to pull on cupboard doors or drawers to pull yourself up again.

Makes a great gift

Makes a great gift

Everyone knows someone with mobility issues. The population is ageing and people are getting heavier. Many are recovering from surgery or sports injuries.

Whether simply doing housework or working in the garage or garden, difficulty is usually encountered simply getting up and getting down. Many of us, as we get older, are challenged by aches and pains from deteriorating joints and muscles. With the EZ- RIZER you will be able to get up and down much easier with much less effort and discomfort.

The EZ-RISER makes a perfect inexpensive gift for any occasion. It is a gift for which you will always be remembered. Everyone knows someone who would love an EZ-RISER.

Give The Gift Of Mobility


SPECIAL OFFER: Buy two or more and shipping in Canada is FREE.

The EZ-RISER Mobility Tool is a Canadian invention that will significantly improve the ease at which individuals can help themselves get up or down from a kneeling or sitting position. Not only is the EZ- RISER useful for outdoor activities but it is also handy in the shop or home. Whether you are a gardener, hobbyist, pet owner or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, we think you will find the EZ-RISER a perfect enhancement to everyday life.

The EZ-RISER is also a perfect inexpensive gift for that cherished mother, father, grandma, grandpa or anyone that is having a problem getting up or down. It will be the best gift they receive!

$34.95 CAD

$39.95 CAD


  • Arm Extension

    The EZ-RISER enhances leverage like an extension to your arm. It helps the user get up and down.

  • Neutralizes Body Weight

    The EZ-RISER enables you to substitute stronger muscles in the arms and shoulders for weaker muscles and joints in the lower body.

  • The Perfect Gift

    There was never a more considerate gift. Imagine the surprise and gratitude of receiving an EZ-RISER as a gift. Just think of the occasions where the EZ-RISER would be a great gift - for instance, on birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day or just a special surprise for your loved one who has a problem getting up or down.

  • Other Features

    Tested to 600 lbs. Lightweight, at only one and a half pounds. Portable and durable with an anti-slip base. Will last a lifetime and, perhaps,one of the most valued gifts ever received.


Is the EZ-Riser heavy? Can anyone use it?

The EZ-RISER is designed with lightweight construction, weighing only 1 1/2 pounds. It has been tested to support up to 600 pounds.

What is it made of?

The EZ-RISER is made of polypropylene with the handle and base made of EPDM, a highly durable rubber-like material.

Are there different sizes?

The EZ-RISER height is designed to fit all adults safely and effectively.

Is it durable and waterproof?

Yes, the EZ-RISER is 100 % waterproof and designed to last for many years, even if left exposed to the elements.

What is the postage if I want to buy two EZ-Risers?

The cost for shipping two EZ-Risers anywhere in Canada or the U.S. is only $9.95.